【Blackrock Summer Internship 2024対策】ホワイト高給の最強企業”ブラックロック”とは?Hirevueの質問は?アセマネのNG志望動機とは?

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# ブラックロックとは


# 募集対象


# 期間

期間は2024年6月後半から8週間程度、場所は東京オフィスにて行います。インターンシップ参加者の中から翌年のFull-Time Analyst Program(新卒)に採用される方も多くいらっしゃいます。

# 採用エリア

Analytics and Risk - delivers analytical insights to investment and risk professionals within BlackRock and to our Aladdin clients. We also provide oversight of our fiduciary and enterprise risks by developing and delivering risk management solutions and tailored advice.

Investments - helping our clients solve their most important investment challenges and strive to deliver persistent, long-term investment performance. Our investment teams benefit from the resources of a world-class technology firm that is differentiated by a team approach, integrated research and risk management.

Sales and Relationship Management -We create, communicate and deliver investment solutions for clients worldwide, while also developing marketing strategies for new business growth. This includes cultivating relationships with key distributors of our investment products, provide solutions to our Aladdin clients.

Technology- We are working with Big Data, creating new digital products and always looking for a chance to disrupt our industry for the better. There is a real sense of purpose to our work in that we’re innovating to solve some of the world’s most complex challenges in order to help more and more people experience financial well-being.

# 選考プロセス

〇 英文経歴書を提出
〇 HireVue(録画面接)の提出

# Hirevue質問



# アセマネのNG志望動機


# 実際の面接での質問


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